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Hi, I'm Lady and I am a black horse. I was born on April 30, 1986.

I moved to the hunting lodge on November, 1991. Before that, I had been drawing wagons with feed and helping on the field.

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At Zaluzi, I started to wear a saddle.

First, my master rode me to his job in the forests, so we spent a lot of time together. Then, something changed. Another human being, more little and female, started to ride me. She was quite good in horseback riding, but she didn't know much about horses. I had to give her lessons on how to behave to us. I even had to kick her butt a few times to make her finally understand what I meant.

Then she left me for some time to take the PNH course. I don't know exactly what it means, but you can learn it at this Website. But, what a miracle! When she came back, we understood each other much better. Since then, things have turned better. Now I am even ready to follow her commands when she asks me correctly.

For the time I have been living in Zaluží, I have given birth to three foals. Two of them still live here with me and they have to be obedient even though they are already adult. Linda, the eldest of the three, has gone away, unfortunately.

On the day of my 22nd birthday, I was told that I had already worked a lot and now I deserved some relax. Since then I enjoy carrying children for fun even more that I had before, because I am not good for the scrap heap, am I? My bipeds spare me demanding rides with strangers now; sometimes they only take me for slow rides with novices. Well, I cannot complain about my age handicaps! And when I can run a bit with one of the adolescents whom I taught riding, none of my kids runs faster than me.


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Hi all, my name is Fernet and for a long time I was the only stallion in our herd. I was born on May 5, 1996. My father's called Sultan. I am a dark white horse.

In fact, I am a true-come dream of our older master. It was him who gave me this name. But then, he didn't have enough time to take care of me and that's why the younger master took his place to look after me and the other horses in the herd.

For a long time I had been enjoying my youth. Then I was sick for some time, I suffered from allergy. I have no problems being ridden by mediocre riders. However, beginners should better lead me because if they hit my back with their butt too many times during a gallop, I tend to show my impatience by bucking.

I love playing, I also like petting and I am happy when human youngs clean me and comb me. I can also be riden by the older ones. The only creatures I really detest are dogs, so do not let them in my fence or I get too wild.

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Hi, my name's Mája, because I was born on May 1, 1999. I'm the dark white horse. My arrival to this world was not planned at all. I was a surprise for all, except my mum and me who knew that for all the time.

Since a little foal, I have been surrounded mostly by children. I love kids, like being fondled and let them brush me. Also the small bipeds tried to climb me very early, so soon, I got used to have someone on my saddle. Anyone who wants can ride me, though I do not overexert myself with beginners, I would have to be mad to do that in case no one requires such thing. :-)

Well, just the two guys in the herd irritate me from time to time, so my bipeds let me gait first to keep the horse buddies safely away from my rear.

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I was born on May 3, 2003 in Šluknov. I am a hucul pony. After some time I moved to Česká Lípa and not a long time later we found out that my new biped owner had not had enough time to take care of me. And for that reason, I moved again.

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They brought me to Zaluží in the late summer 2007. It was so wonderful! The smell – and there was no doubt about this point – was a signal of an incarnated beauty of three horse ladies, each one smelling so attractive that any choice would have been extremely difficult. Well yeah, I was a stud and I kept letting them know that right from the start.

Yet my new biped friends did not tolerate this. And that's why, yeah, oh, I am, right, I feel so embarassed to say it aloud, okay, I am a – just promise you wouldn't laugh at me – I am not a stud any longer, no, that's what I am not, I am a gelding now. So now you know. But believe me, I am the number one for my ladies anyway. Just for two of them, in fact, for Linda and Sára. With Majda, we always compete to make the other one obey. And the gammer Lejdy is too reserved to express any fellowship to me. And Fernet? I rammed it home to him right at the beginning that only I was the star for the gals!

Okay guys, let's change the subject. Do not get mistaken to think that I can only carry people on my back. I am also remarkably good at dragging. Well yeah, I am pretty small as you see, but I do great job anyway. But only when forced to it, I admit. If my rider treats me good, I response even to the slightest spurs and have no problems to maintain the pace with my big fellows. And, just between you and me, if the rider let me to, I would easily leave the big horses behind, yeah. There's a great heart in my little body. Just call me Tony or Tonda, as you wish, guys!


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I was born on May 21, 2007 to the proud mother Linda (Czech Warm Blood) and father Jock (Quarter Horse).

When I was to be born, our bipeds kept watching my mom carefully, but I happened to surprise them anyway by running around in the paddock with my mom and uncle Fernet the very first morning of my life.

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I am still enjoying the sweet filly years. I am friends with all, no matter if bipeds or quadrupeds. I am happy and nothing makes me easily uncomfortable.


I was born on a meadow near Pernek on May 11, 2005. My mother’s name is Aranka and my father is called Whisky. From there they took me to Volyně where I stayed till November 3, 2010. Since then, I have been living here, in Zaluží.

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In Volyně I was taught to gait with the saddle and also to drag a carriage in the city. Then he got sick and I had to move here. In fact, I came to replace Linda, depasturing in heaven and being missed by everyone here so much. Well, bipeds looked really sad but my horse fellows did not show the would have missed anyone when I came. Since the very beginning of my stay here, I have been trying to get along well with them. And as long as I can say, I have succeded by showing my troubleless character.

Local bipeds started to call me Little Bob as they do not find me a rascal (Lumpik in Czech means rascal). I have been living here too short to say what I am really expected to do, so we will see – time will tell.

If you would like to have a ride with any of us, read detailed information in section Horse riding.
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